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Maintenance Tips for Your Glass Balustrades

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Glass balustrading is a great way to secure areas such as swimming pool enclosures, balconies, decking and staircases in your home. Not only are these balustrades made from glass that is secure enough to withstand heavy impact, but they also ensure that you have unobstructed views of your property no matter where they are installed. Additionally, glass balustrading is a popular option for residences with small spaces as they give the illusion of extra room since they are not obstructing any sightlines. However, in order to keep your glass balustrading in impeccable condition, you need to ensure that it is well maintained. Not only will this ensure that your sightlines remain unobstructed, but alsoit could enhance the lifespan of your glass balustrades. Here are some of the maintenance tips that you could employ for your glass balustrades.

Ensure the glass balustrades are cleaned regularly

One advantage of glass balustrades is that they are relatively low maintenance. Nevertheless, neglecting to clean them or cleaning them in the wrong manner could greatly jeopardize their appearance as well as their structural integrity. To eliminate smidges, dust and grime from your glass balustrading, all you would be required to do is wipe them down using a soft cloth moistened in soapy water. This should then be followed by a rinse with clean water. Once the glass is dry, polish it with a dry lint free cloth so as to prevent any streaking.

It should be noted though that glass balustrades should not be cleaned with strong detergents. Abrasive cleaners and solvents that are either alcohol or acidic based should not come into contact with the glass as they could easily abrade the surface.

Ensure the glass balustrades are protected

Granted, glass balustrading is already made from toughened glass. This could be in the form of safety glass or tempered glass. However, this toughness typically applies to protecting the glass from impact rather than from its appearance deteriorating over time. If you would like your glass to remain in pristine condition, you should consider sealing it with special wax. This not only decreases the amount of dirt that adheres onto the surface, but will effectively also cut down on the frequency at which you would need to clean your glass. If you think the wax will cloud the appearance of your glass balustrades, then you could consider a protective film attached onto the surfaces of the panels that will also protect them from accumulating grime.