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What to Find Out About Your Rented Skip Bin Before You Use It

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Skip bins are meant to be durable and strong and to withstand the rigors of construction use. They are built to handle heavy-duty waste, such as from a renovation or cleanup project. There are very few things you can do to damage or misuse a skip bin if you rent it for home use, but this doesn't mean you should just have it delivered and then fill it up with waste without asking a few simple questions first. Taking a few minutes to find out about the skip bin hire before you use it can ensure you use it properly and help to avoid any surprises with your rental agreement, so note a few of those questions here.

1. Ask about the fill line

Always note how far you can fill a skip bin so that it's safe and so that you don't face extra fees. Generally a bin will have some type of line or marking along the inside edge which may even note that this is the "level fill" line, whereas other companies may allow you to fill the bin to the top and no more. This will ensure nothing goes flying out of the bin while it's being transported and that it can easily be emptied as needed. Be sure you understand the fill line with your particular bin and, if necessary, get a second bin or go up a size if you think you'll fill the bin past that line.

2. Ask about a wait service

If you don't have much to put in the skip bin, you might ask about a wait service. This is where the truck delivering the bin drops it off and then sits and waits for you to fill it so they can then immediately take the bin with them. This might mean not having to get a permit for the bin, and it might be cheaper as the rental agency won't need to send the truck on two separate trips.

3. Ask about weight

Your skip bin may have a limit as to how much material you can put in it so it doesn't go over a fill line, but there might be a weight limit as well. If you're thinking of adding bricks, chunks of concrete and the like, ask the rental agency about the weight requirements. They may be able to quickly calculate the weight of debris according to how much the bin can hold and then note if you might need a larger bin that can manage this heavier weight.