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7 Tips for Scrubbing Stains Off Gyprock Plasterboard

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Do you have a stain on your gyprock plasterboard? Wondering about the best ways to get rid of that stain? Then, check out these tips.

1. Make Sure the Stain Is Not Related to a Serious Issue

Before you start scrubbing, make sure the stain is not a symptom of a more serious issue. For example, if there is a leaking pipe behind the wall, that may be causing the stain. You have to address that issue before you start scrubbing the stain.

2. Use Ammonia on Grease

If you're scrubbing a stain off gyprock plasterboard in your kitchen, there may be a coating of grease on the plasterboard. To cut through the grease, consider using some ammonia. Alternatively, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid into your cleaning solution—that's designed to cut through grease.

3. Try Bleach for Mould

For mouldy stains, you need to use some bleach to eliminate the stain. Typically, a mixture of even amounts of bleach and water is perfect. If you don't like working with bleach, you can try white vinegar instead. That can also help to kill mould or remove mildew.

4. Scrub Gently

Ideally, you should use a soft sponge and scrub gently. If you use an abrasive sponge, you may damage the gyprock plasterboard. A cellulose sponge is an ideal option.

5. Work From Top to Bottom

Also, be sure to scrub from the top toward the bottom. As you scrub, a dirty residue is likely to come off the stain, and that may run down the wall. If you work downward, you can get those marks as you go.

6. Rinse and Wring Out the Sponge as You Scrub

To minimise drips that go downward, you should rinse your sponge out and wring it dry on a regular basis as you work. That keeps the sponge relatively clean and dry, and that helps prevent dirty trails of water below the stain.

7. Be Prepared for Repainting

Unfortunately, if the gyprock plasterboard is already painted, you need to be aware that you are likely to scrub off the paint. As a result, you need to be ready to repaint.

After scrubbing off the stain, put a layer of primer over the area. If the stain resurfaces, the primer will help to prevent it from showing. Then, repaint the area where you have rubbed off paint. If it's a very noticeable area, you may need to repaint the whole wall.