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3 Reasons to Put Bamboo Screening on Your Mesh Fences

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If you've recently moved into a new home that has fixed mesh fencing around the garden, then you might not be happy with this type of fence. Mesh fences are strong and do a good protective job, but they aren't to everyone's taste.

While changing the fence is one option, this might not be something you can do right now. Installing bamboo screening on to your side of the fence is worth a thought. Why might you want to do this?

1. Your Neighbour Won't Play Ball

If you share responsibility for your garden fencing with your next-door neighbour, then you both have to agree to any changes that have to be made. You usually share the costs of these changes as well.

If your neighbour likes the mesh fencing or doesn't want to change it for something different, then you're a bit stuck. You could offer to pay the whole bill to put up new fences, but if they don't want to make the change, that won't make a difference.

In this scenario, your neighbour might not have any problems with you putting bamboo screening up. They keep the fence they want; you change the way your side looks.

2. You Just Want Extra Privacy

You may not mind the mesh fence itself, but you may not be happy with the lack of privacy you get in your garden. Mesh doesn't screen out your neighbours or the outside world. People see through the fence.

Rather than installing a whole new set of fences to make your garden more private, you can simply put bamboo screens along the existing mesh. This cuts off the view and gives you a more enclosed space.

3. You're Short on Cash

The costs of buying your new home and moving into it may have left you short on cash. You probably have a list of things you need to do in your home that are a higher priority than replacing your fences.

If the fence is in good shape, then you probably can't justify changing it up right now anyway. However, buying a roll or two of bamboo screening to cover over the fence won't cost that much. This gives you a holding solution until you have more cash to spend in your garden.

To find out more about bamboo screening and how it can help with your mesh fence issues, talk to fencing contractors.