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3 Design Trends for Custom Kitchens

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Over the last few decades, kitchens have evolved a great deal and are no longer an afterthought as far as home remodelling goes. Moreover, changing social dynamics have transformed the way homeowners use the modern kitchen. Therefore, if you have been thinking about remodelling your kitchen, you should consider custom designs. The availability of various custom kitchen design ideas can make it difficult for homeowners to make the right decision. If you are struggling to settle on a custom design, here are a few ideas to get you going.

Hidden Kitchen Appliances

In the past, kitchen appliance manufacturers focused majorly on functionality and paid less attention to aesthetics. However, it has changed today since modern appliances look sleek and elegant, uplifting a kitchen's aesthetics. However, some homeowners are not fans of clean stainless steel appliances. If you belong to the cohort, you can still achieve the perfect look in your kitchen with hidden appliances. The trend allows homeowners to customise their appliance facades to mimic the cabinetry. The design trend leaves a kitchen with a simple but elegant style.  

Standout Sinks 

Most homeowners believe that they have to complete an entire kitchen renovation to achieve the desired design. However, even if you remodel the entire kitchen and install an ordinary porcelain sink, the chances are high that it will look off. You can easily customise your kitchen with something as simple as redesigning the sink. Your builder can choose from a variety of sink designs. For instance, a farmhouse sink made from soapstone with brass faucets is an elegant sight that anyone with can behold. That said, you should consider the walls, cabinets, and countertop design before settling on a standout sink. The last thing you need is a sink that sticks out like a sore thumb in your newly-renovated kitchen. 

Copper Cooker Hood

Open shelving and raised cabinets are common in modern kitchens, and they offer a myriad of customisation ideas. However, you might think that the lack of raised and open shelving in your kitchen makes decoration and customisation tasks challenging. However, it is not true, because you can still work with other items. For example, you can make a cooker hood the centrepiece in a kitchen with no wall shelving. The best way to make the centrepiece stand out is to use copper sheeting with matching straps and rivets. Other than making your kitchen stand out, the customisation design adds some warmth to the space. 

For more information about designing a custom kitchen, reach out to a local contractor.