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Top Tips When Choosing a Subdivision Contractor

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Do you need to subdivide your property? Well, you probably need the services of a subdivision contractor. Below is a guide on how to choose a subdivision contractor. 


Work with an experienced contractor. Preferably, ask him or her to refer you to some previous clients. It is an opportunity to gauge the contractor's work ethic and reputation. Avoid contractors that do not meet deadlines. Land subdivision laws vary in each state. As such, your contractor must show sufficient understanding of subdivision laws. Further, he or she must have a licence to practice in your state. 


The contractor must exhibit a high degree of professionalism. Below are some metrics to gauge his or her professionalism: 

  1. The individual should be quick to respond to calls and emails.
  2. Subdivision contractors subdivide land and provide consultation services. As such, your contractor should have general liability and professional indemnity insurance. Subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians should also have insurance coverage. 
  3. Experienced contractors will provide referral services. For instance, you may need a conveyancer or real estate agent after subdividing your land.
  4. Contractors affiliated with professional bodies will provide high-quality services. 


Work with a contractor that provides a wide range of services. For instance, you may need a market survey to determine the price and demand for land in your locality. Besides, you will also need surveying services to establish your property boundaries and subdivide the land in line with local council regulations. In Australia, you will need a permit from the local council to subdivide the land. Further, you may need a licence to connect water, gas and electricity on the property. Your contractor should follow up on these licences. He or she should also ensure that each of the individual plots has a title.


The contractor should have a flexible pricing mechanism. For instance, other than the standard costs, you will incur additional charges such as local council permits. Compare quotes from a few contractors and ask for discounts. 

Your contractor should provide you with a contract detailing the services he or she will offer and when you should make your payments. An essential part of this contract is the conflict resolution mechanism. For instance, what would happen if the contractor is unable to subdivide the land? Arbitration is a suitable way of resolving such disputes.

Subdivision contractors ease the land subdivision process. Work with an experienced, professional and reasonably priced contractor who provides a comprehensive range of services.